_DSC0420I sat in the pew half-listening half-thinking about our athlete who had passed away.  My heart was feeling sad for all of us who were already missing her.  The change in the priest’s voice caused me to look up at him.  “When she would come to take the sacrament, she would always be smiling at me.  I would place it on her tongue, and then she would smile at me, again.  I found myself smiling back.”

With so much sadness in the circumstances of our world today, I have been thinking about the power of a smile and what it can do and mean to the person who sees it.  When someone smiles at me, just like that priest – I smile back.  It’s true – a smile invites a smile.  One smile has the power to change our mood, and moods change our actions.

Power is an interesting word.  Webster defines it as “having the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others and/or the course of events.”  Think about that for a second and then be intentional about using your power.  Smile and smile often.  Smile at people you love and smile at perfect strangers.  You just may see that you have more power than you ever knew you had, because the reality is – your power doubles when the person who sees your smile – smiles back.




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2 responses to “Back

  1. Barbara L. Taylor, Parks and Rec

    And the people you like tend to like you back!

  2. Lana Voga

    I love your “thoughts” Randy!

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