Not just cookies

Yesterday morning, Mike Silva owner of Rude Boy Cookies and Special Olympics athlete Tim Harris, went on the 2 KASA Morning Show to promote the Rude Boy Cookies for a Cause Campaign.  You wouldn’t think a morning TV show would serve the purpose of providing its listeners with meaningful thoughts worthy of personal consideration.  You may not have expected those thoughts to come from the owner of a cookie shop and a man born with Down Syndrome, but it’s a perfect example of life providing small treasures in unexpected places.

I invite you to listen to this interview.

If you were able to listen, you heard the interviewer ask Mike why supporting local nonprofits was important?  His answer was – “I am a local kid.  I grew up here.  If I can’t make a change in my own community – what’s the point?”

As she proceeded to interview Tim, he shared the many Special Olympics sports he competes in.  The interviewer asked him how he did that – how he trained for so many?  His response was “I train a lot – I take the time to.”

The meaningful thought that both of these guys left me with is whether we are wanting to do something to better the community we live in or do something to better ourselves, we have to be intentional about doing it.  Talking about what things we should do or could do doesn’t actually “do” anything.  So, dear friends, what have you been talking about lately that could in some way better your community or better yourself?  Consider this a personal challenge and in the next 30 days be intentional and put your words into action.  I would love to hear back from you.



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