The Hope Of


(L-R): Mark Wiggins, Randy Mascorella, Ryan Danoff, Craig Amundson, Karen Hudson, Bob Scanlon, Sarah McMahon, Ryan Garcia, Dub Girand, Jack Eichorn, Jeffrey Ramirez, Tom Padilla, Consuelo Bolagh-Cowder, Warren Ellis, Steve Pino, Cathy Tingstrom. Not pictured: Brad Hutchins, Trish Stuart, and Chief Michael Geier


“It’s not for the magic of what happens, but for the hope of what might.”

I first heard those words from a sports announcer, who was actually describing the Rose Bowl, but as what happens often in my mind, I took those words out of context and applied them to something totally different – yet fitting.

In my opinion, those words did a great job of describing the work of the Board members of Special Olympics New Mexico.  Let me start by saying, our organization is truly blessed to have the Board we do.  They are passionate, smart, successful – and they care deeply about our athletes and families.  They do what nonprofit Boards are supposed to do – taking responsibility for governance; broadening our organizational reach; helping us raise more money; making sure the business of Special Olympics New Mexico is in good order.

When they are all at the table together – it is about “the magic of what happens.” But, because of who they are – when they leave the Board room it is far more about “the hope of what might happen” that always moves our organization forward.



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