Two weekends ago Special Olympics New Mexico and Special Olympics athlete Tim Harris embarked on their first Hug-A-Thon together. When Tim heard that SONM lost $155,000 of its state funding this year, he decided to do something to help. Tim has been working at The Range Café in Albuquerque. He spoke with the owner of The Range, Matt DiGregory, and they decided to host a Hug-A-Thon at all four Range locations, as well as The Standard Diner and The Freight House. The goal – give hugs and raise money for Special Olympics New Mexico.

With the help of 35 volunteers and 52 Special Olympics athlete “Tim huggers” – it was quite the weekend. The final tally is still out there, but it’s pretty safe to say that over the three days and almost 10,000 hugs later, the Hug-A-Thon raised over $20,000 and showed us this. A hug can take many forms and can last a second or seconds. Hugs teach us not only how to give, but also how to receive. Hugs connect us, and it was my observation over the three days that connecting turned out to be a very good thing.


One of our many group “hug shots”

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