Not Good

fullsizerender-29The past couple weeks I have become acutely aware of some things I do that I’m really not very good at.  Being not very good at something should be okay, but it seems to get in the way. Whether we put pressure on ourselves or other people do it for us – I would bet the majority of us think we’re supposed to be good at everything we do.

Special Olympics taught me how not being very good at everything is okay.  I remember vividly my  first Special Olympics track meet.  I stood in the infield watching hundreds of athletes race and made a quick observation that moved me to tears – with every race, the people in the stands cheered the loudest for the athlete who came in last.

I wonder if each one of us decided to encourage and celebrate the people in our every day life who may “come in last” or who aren’t very good at something – what a difference might be made.  I wonder how many fewer people would choose to not give up on things so quickly, or how many of those things in life we consider “impossible” would in fact over time end up being “possible.”  (Think about it – I could be speaking fluent Spanish right now.)

Might I encourage all of us to see what we don’t do well today as simply good enough for now. It just may lead us into a happier tomorrow.





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