DSC07407Special Olympics New Mexico’s contract with the Department of Health was eliminated a couple months ago, and the absence of that $310,000 has left our organization in a sizable state of need.  Being in “need” is not a comfortable place to reside, especially when the need if not filled has the potential to impact so many people who rely on us.  I think and pray about our situation and the challenge we face – a lot.  My thoughts around what we face are evolving, and this is where they are today.

There is unforeseeable value in having to face tough times.  We don’t learn about endurance, perseverance, and true hope if we are never placed in situations that require them.

As we go through the process of reevaluating what we are now able to do and what things we no longer can, we realize the gift of what we had.  We are humbled at the thought of having taken those things for granted.

We are experiencing “connection”  with people in a different way, as well as the possibilities that come with them.  What people are doing and how they want to help is beyond what any of us could have dreamed of on our own.  New relationships and old relationships bring to the “need” a greater purpose.  It is those relationships that bring a whole new depth of gratitude for people who are on our team.






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