At Our Core

This past weekend at our Four Corners Invitational in Farmington, 1,126 Special Olympics athletes, coaches, and unified partners competed in unified golf, unified softball, and aquatics.  As usual, as I walked around our Games I was mindful of our Core Values and how they were showing up.  These five values guide our decisions, our conduct and behavior, and represent how we go about our work.  They aren’t simply a document we created years ago to place on the shelf.  They matter.  They define us.

The value that kept appearing in front of my face throughout the weekend was Unbelievable Fun, which is reflected by our capacity to “Enjoy the excitement, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and laughter inherent in the Special Olympics experience.”

Maybe because organizationally things have been a little more challenging as of late, or maybe it’s because all of our hearts have been breaking watching those who have fallen victim to Harvey’s wrath.  I’m not really sure what it was, but this last weekend Special Olympics New Mexico LAUGHED A LOT, and WE HAD FUN!

It was wonderful.

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Want to see more 2017 Four Corners Invitational photos? Click HERE to visit our SONM photo gallery on Flickr.

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