Last week the Chairman of our Board of Directors, a couple of my staff, and I went to Los Alamos.  One of our Special Olympics families hosted a Mission Tour in their home.  For those who aren’t familiar with these, it’s a gathering to educate people about the work of Special Olympics New Mexico.  The goal is that those in attendance will be inspired enough to become engaged in our movement.

At the end of the Tour, the Dad


shared how Special Olympics has impacted not only his daughter who is an athlete, but his entire family, as well.  It was a very emotional story, and as we all sat there with tears in our eyes, one of his last sentences was “I just can’t imagine what our lives would be like without our daughter and her friends.”  Without missing a beat one of the Special Olympics athletes who was there shouted out “BORING.”

We all laughed at his response, but truthfully, since that evening, I’ve been giving what he said a lot of thought.  The definition of boring is “dull, monotonous, unimaginative, and uneventful.”  If I didn’t have Special Olympics in my life – if I didn’t have Special Olympics athletes in my life – I wonder.  What stories would I have to tell?  Who would my friends be?  How would I spend the vast majority of my weekends?  Would I see the world through different eyes?  Would I seek the value of every human being?  Would I thank God every night for things I so easily take for granted?  Would I laugh as loud or as often?

Thank you Special Olympics and Special Olympics athletes.  You have made my life everything  but boring, and it is my hope you will continue to do the same for many more who have yet to meet you.




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