Moving Forward

Since returning from the Holidays, the question that has been following me every wherekob I go is “Did you raise enough money to replace the $310,000 that you lost?”  My answer to that question – “No, we did not.”  That answer is usually followed by this question- “So now what is going to happen?”

Before heading down that path, I want to first of all direct my thoughts to the many, many people who made contributions to help Special Olympics New Mexico fill our revenue gap.  Whether you supported us through the ONE UP CAMPAIGN, went to our website and clicked on the “Donate Today” button, sent us a check, or sent an email or note with words of encouragement – THANK YOU very, very, very, much.  Every act brought and continues to bring a depth of gratitude.

We were able to lessen the gap, but not enough to avoid having to make hard decisions moving forward.  The Special Olympics New Mexico Board of Directors passed a deficit budget for 2018 – which in part included having to raise team registration fees for State Competitions, eliminating some meals and other things at our Games, but perhaps the decision that has drawn the most attention is that Special Olympics New Mexico will not be sending a team to the 2018 Special Olympics USA Games.  Not an easy decision for sure, and not easy being the only state who won’t be competing, but this decision  impacted the least amount of our athletes.

The truth today is this – none of us know what will happen in 2018, but we are moving forward with a tremendous amount of HOPE – trusting the God of our Games, who has always been faithful.  Please keep Special Olympics New Mexico in your prayers.  We are deeply grateful for all of you who stand with us striving to win, remaining  brave in the attempt, and loving and valuing the lives of our athletes more than ever.

Click on the link to watch KOB News 4’s story:

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