A Story

This morning I had the opportunity to speak at a Civitan Club meeting.  Civitan International is a volunteer service club who in the 1950’s adopted a special emphasis on helping people with intellectual disabilities.  Today they have an International Research Center on the University of Alabama campus, where research is being done on autism, epilepsy, brain tumors and more.  Civitan Clubs in Albuquerque set up games and crafts for our Special Olympics athletes to enjoy at our State Summer Games Olympic Village.

Anyhow, Dave, the President of the Club started the meeting this morning with a story, which I have chosen to share with you.

Dave was driving through his neighborhood one night last week, when suddenly the car in front of him came to a sudden halt.  It was dark and Dave said he was immediately skeptical, until he saw a woman get out of the driver’s side and hurry to the front of her car.  He then noticed two small girls who jumped out of the back seat and bee lined it to the front, as well.

Dave said his immediate response was to join them, and when he reached the three, he saw a flattened rabbit on the pavement.  He said when he saw the look on the little girls faces, he immediately ran back to his car, grabbed a grocery bag out of the back seat, and told the girls as he was putting the rabbit into the bag, he would take it to the animal hospital, where the hospital would make the rabbit as good as new.

Well, he admitted to all of us that he in fact did not end up taking the rabbit anywhere, but waited until the car was out of sight and then promptly disposed of it.  Here are my thoughts: Dave responded to strangers with kindness because of the attitude of his heart.  He saw the situation, and rather than avoid it, he did the best he could under the circumstances.  By doing so, even though he couldn’t change everything, he sent two little girls and their mom home feeling a whole lot better.


As I have thought about that story, it reminds me that it is the attitude of our heart that guides each of us to do what is right.  It is the attitude of our heart that can make our stories good stories or not so good stories.  What choices will you make today and what will your story be?




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