In the way

About a month ago I hosted a lunch for a group of men and women, as thanks for their prayer for our organization last year as we faced financial challenges and difficult decisions.  When we finished eating our lunch, I asked each of them to share whatever was on their mind.  One of the guys said this: “God wants us to be mighty in spirit, but for most of us, unlike Special Olympics athletes, our head gets in the way of our heart.”  I have contemplated those words many times over the last month and here are my thoughts.

In today’s world people hear the term ‘the sky is the limit.’ Life can seem all about what limits we can push, what we can seek out and achieve.  People strive to stay in control, of their jobs and of their lives.  People set goals, seek to achieve them, constantly seeking success. People continually ask themselves, “what’s next?”  At times, we all become too involved and caught up in long-term goals and success, and forget to enjoy the moment.  I wonder how that’s really working for all of us?

On the flip side – whenever I spend time with our athletes – I see something different.  Our athletes are joyful and fully in the moment.  They are truly happy to be with others, and thankful for the opportunity to simply be included and participate in a given activity at a given time.  The majority of our athletes have very little control over anything, yet they possess a mighty spirit – an inviting spirit that allows them to lead with their heart.  You can’t help but see it in them, and you can’t help but find it refreshing.

Our heads can get in the way of our hearts, so we can all learn a thing or two from our athletes. Be in the moment. Find joy. Find heart.



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