My Thoughts today are about the “man in the middle.” He was my first hire 25 years ago. His title – Director of Sports and Competition. He was hired to strengthen a chain that had a lot of missing links at the time. He came to Special Olympics New Mexico with a very clear idea of what a strong sports program should look like, and since his first day on the job, his ideals and philosophies about sports training and competition have not wavered. The thing that stood out back then was his ability to “dream out loud” about the way things ought to be, which made those of us around him every day count on him for those ideas – no matter how lofty. It didn’t take long to realize he was the right man for the job. Twenty five years later – he’s still the right man for the job.

On behalf of everyone who has worn the Special Olympics New Mexico brand over the past twenty-five years – thank you, Chris Page. Your love for our athletes, your love of the game, and your ability to continue to dream out loud inspires all of us to keep working hard for the Special Olympics New Mexico of tomorrow.


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