In the early morning when I leave my house for work, especially this time of year – not only is it still and very dark – I am drawn to the different sources of light. Lately, Christmas lights adorn many of the houses in my neighborhood. There are so many kinds and colors, and they are all just beautiful. During this time of uncertainty and high anxiety, they remind me that one little ounce of light has the power to alter darkness. Even during dark days, a tiny light can bring clarity to what we are looking at and often brings a sense of hope to what may seem hopeless.

My thoughts today are this: If you aren’t experiencing dark days in your life right now, might I encourage you this Christmas season to shine a little light on someone who is. Sharing a thought, a meal, a prayer can go a long way to someone who may be feeling too far away to believe this truth: “And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”

To our Special Olympics athletes, families, coaches, community partners, and volunteers – may your Holidays be not only happy, but BRIGHT.

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