The Mouth Speaks

While talking with the Chairman of our Board of Directors the other day, he shared that he believed not saying too much or too little was a gift. I think most of us wish we had that gift. We so naturally use our words simply to share what’s on our mind rather than give thought to their power before they leave our mouth. Scripture says “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.” Last week at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run State Conference in Las Cruces, I was struck with the power of two women’s words.

The first was a response from our Special Olympics athlete Shelby Peterson of Gallup, who serves on the Executive Committee of the New Mexico Law Enforcement Torch Run. During the Executive Committee meeting when asked what Special Olympics meant to her, Shelby’s reply was “When I started in Special Olympics I was shy at first, but then I got to know a lot of people. Special Olympics helped me break out of my shell.”

The second was a response from Law Enforcement Torch Run West Regional Coordinator Judith Goins, also of Gallup, who was selected to receive this year’s “Flame of Hope” award, which is the highest Torch Run award presented in our state. As she was being honored at the Closing Ceremonies banquet, through her tears, Judith shared “Special Olympics has opened a door in my life that I never even knew was there.”

As I think back on the words that Shelby and Judith shared, I am reminded of a few things: Special Olympics offers the opportunity to anyone for a changed life through the places you will go, the purpose you will find, and perhaps most important of all, the people you will meet. All of us who know Shelby and Judith and heard their words during that conference were blessed, as they did a beautiful job of speaking from the abundance of their heart.

Pictured from left to right: SO athlete Shelby Peterson and Law Enforcement Torch Run Regional Coordinator Judith Goins

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