And Shine They Did

The theme of the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games was Shine as One. Themes have the power to verbalize a deeper meaning and provide a greater understanding of an event.  My thoughts today are around the theme and message of the recent Special Olympics USA Games.  “Shine as One” beautifully describes the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games and the Special Olympics athletes that shine bright every single day. 

More than 5,500 Special Olympics athletes met in Orlando, Florida to compete in 19 different sports at the Special Olympics USA Games June 5-12.  The week-long USA Games presented strong competition and required mental strength. Regardless of winning 1st place or 10th place, I witnessed Special Olympics athletes from Team New Mexico and other states celebrating each other and creating friendships. 

The dark sides of the world have been highlighted more often than not in the past few years, but Special Olympics athletes truly Shine as One together and show us that the power of their kindness, courage, effort, authenticity, and resilience can brighten any darkness.  Special Olympics athletes shine bright and remind us that every person is worthy of respect and celebration of their abilities.  Their message to all of us? When there is light in your heart, there can be no darkness.

My thanks to Team New Mexico and all of the Special Olympics athletes who competed at the Games for brightening thousands of lives with your goodness, in a way that seemingly only you can. You did Shine as One and by doing so you were and are simply the best of us.

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