The 2022 Four Corners Invitational was held August 19-20 in Farmington. Thankfully, our coaches, event volunteers, law enforcement officers, officials, families, and everyone who participated showed up visibly happy to be there. Our athletes worked hard and competed strong in Unified golf, swimming, Unified softball, and skills events. What really caught my attention over the weekend was the WAY our athletes competed.

My thoughts today are this: In almost every arena, all of us are taught to strive against the opposition in order to win. We are taught that to win, we must “defeat or establish superiority over others who are trying to do the same.” The origin of the word compete is the Latin word competere. Interestingly, its meaning is “to come together, to seek together, to strive together.” Don’t get me wrong, our athletes LOVE to win, but when they compete, I get the sense that perhaps more than the rest of us, they are striving together and seeking to make each other better. Special Olympics athletes easily and authentically celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I think they embody the gift of bringing out the best in every person.

Can you just imagine what it would look like if we all agreed that the goal of competition was to make each other better in the process of striving to win?

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