Choosing Uphill

I think it’s interesting how the very end of one year and the start of another has a way of nudging us into deeper reflection of what was, followed by a sense of renewed optimism around what we hope will be. Inspired by author John Maxwell, this new year reminds me of his book on Uphill-Downhill living. Perhaps the end of 2022 and the start of 2023 is a good time for us to evaluate our lives as they are today. Since 2020, have we been stuck in a Downhill Slide – and if so – are we ready for an Uphill Climb? 

If you feel stuck, ask yourself:

  1. Downhill Slide of Repairing: How can I begin the Uphill Climb of Preparing?
  2. Downhill Slide of No Improvement: How can I commit to an Uphill Climb of Self-Improvement?
  3. Downhill Slide of Good Intentions: How can I change those intentions to the Uphill Climb of Intentional Actions?

When I look at Special Olympics New Mexico today, having endured a very different couple of years, it is my hope that in 2023 all of us will choose an Uphill Climb. We owe it to our athletes and to be honest, we owe it to ourselves to better prepare for the days ahead. We can focus on making improvements in our lives and the lives of those around us. Let’s stop overthinking what we should do and start doing the things that matter.

It is in the climb that we will find hope and celebration in 2023.

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